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Four Don'ts of Hair Weave

Posted by Hair Doctors on January 25, 2012 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

1. Don't Neglect to wash your hair WEEKLY.

It is recommended not to go over 2 weeks without washing your HAIR. Make sure to go to a professional that installs your hair in correctly to be able to properly wash your hair on a regular basis. HAIR will look better when washed regularly. Remember to brush your hair with a paddle brush before washing and conditioning.

2. Don't NEGLECT your Real hair.

You MUST give your hair a rest from weave for at least 2-4 weeks. During this break from weave, you can trim your real hair and massage it daily with olive oil.

3. Don't be afraid to exercise with your hair weave.

One of the great benefits of wearing weave is you can give your real hair time to rest. Wrap your hair in a ventilating scarf during exercise. Whatever you decide, never avoid working out for fear of hair sweating out.

4. Don’t be afraid to get weave trimmed or layered.

Azaria’s hair is 100% human hair. When you use heat on your hair extensions regularly, it will require ends to be clipped just as your real hair would after daily heat over time. It will NOT look "beauty supply fake". When cut or clipped by a professional stylist, it will look natural.

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7 most costly mistakes to avoid with hair weave

Posted by Hair Doctors on January 23, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The 7  Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Weave 

There was a time not too long ago when having a weave hairstyle or hair extensions was a luxury. And while African American women have known for years the joys of a really good hair weave, it has only been recently that women of other ethnic groups have realized that extensions can be the answer to a myriad of hair woes- from hair that is too thin, to hair that is too short, to hair that is just not the right color, a quality weave can fix it all. And it's not just for a-list celebrities anymore, either. Any woman can now enjoy the benefits of a beautiful weave hairstyle. Unfortunately, as with all popular beauty procedures, something as trendy as hair extensions means that unqualified or inexperienced hair care professionals, or worse, people who are not professionals at all, have been jumping on the band wagon, trying to make a quick buck off of women who just want to have a beautiful, lush head of hair. So, before you go out to get your first or next weave hairstyle, take a look at our list of costly mistakes to avoid, and you will be sure to love the results


1) Skipping The Professional And Doing It Yourself

We have all tried to do things in life that should probably be left to the professionals. From home renovations to car repairs, everyone is looking for a way to save a little money by doing the job of a professional. The same principal is true when it comes to weave hairstyles and this is absolutely the most common and most detrimental hair weave mistake that people make. It is all too tempting to try and save time and money on extensions by skipping the salon altogether and trying to install them by ourselves. While anyone can appreciate the need to save a few bucks here and there on little beauty splurges, cutting costs when it comes to hair extensions will only result in disaster. Skilled salon professionals have the training, tools, and skills necessary to have your hair looking just as great, or even better, than you had imagined.

It is simply impossible, even for someone who is very good at application of most beauty procedures, to work on their own head in the same way that a skilled professional can. And once a poor weave is installed, removing it could be very costly, very damaging or possibly both. We can guarantee you that the results you will see from applying your extensions on your own will not come close to the vision you have in your mind of your favorite celebrity sporting a thick head of perfect hair. Even managing to make a weave hairstyle look natural is nearly impossible for a person to accomplish at home, what to speak of making it look amazing. From selecting the right color and texture, to using the right products to take care of both the natural hair as well as the extensions, a good stylist is your best source of information. Therefore, always trust a professional when it comes to getting perfect hair extensions.

2) Trying To Save By Choosing Cheap Hair

Frequently, after deciding to go ahead with the professional installation, clients can't help but consider inexpensive hair to offset some of the cost. This, however, will absolutely turn out to be a mistake. The key to having a beautiful head of hair is to use beautiful hair in your weave. And as with all things, you will certainly get what you pay for when it comes to hair extensions. If you have already made the decision and commitment to go forward with a weave, it does not make sense to cut corners, especially the important ones like hair quality. First and foremost, never even consider using synthetic hair for your weave. No matter the cost or quality, artificial hair extensions will never combine seamlessly with your natural head of hair. The only way to get a top quality hair weave is to use hair extensions made with real human hair. Once you start considering your different real hair options, remember that better quality hair will always cost more because it is not as readily available. Hair that has always been well cared for and not chemically treated is scarce, and therefore more costly than damaged or synthetic hair extensions, but it is absolutely worth it when it comes to making your new and improved hair as perfect as possible. Ask your experienced stylist for brand name recommendations when you are ready to have your perfect hair extensions applied. If they cannot make recommendations or offer synthetic hair as a cost-cutting option, politely excuse yourself and seek a new hair care professional.

3) Not Preparing Your Own Hair Before The Weave Hairstyle

Natural hair should be carefully prepared before having hair extensions applied. It should be in the strongest, healthiest state possible to make application of the weave easier and longer lasting. Thus, a person should never make an appointment to have a weave applied immediately after receiving a chemical treatment of any sort, such as a chemical relaxer or a dye job. Cleaning your natural hair with a clarifying shampoo prior to the application of your new weave and avoiding any conditioner or other hair care products is generally the best way to ensure good application of hair extensions. If your hair is naturally very dry, a deep conditioning treatment applied to your natural hair one to two weeks prior to the installation of your hair weave might make your natural hair more manageable and more impervious to the potential negative effects of a hair weave. Be sure not to apply any oil based hair care products to your natural hair immediately prior to having your hair extensions installed because these will often be detrimental to the fibers of a sew-in weave, and will break down the adhesive in glue-on extensions. Once the weave is fully installed, your stylist can advise you on the best care of your natural hair as well as your weave.

4) Choosing The Wrong Color

We've all seen them- our favorite celebrities sporting gorgeous heads of hair that are long, thick, shiny and gorgeous. The color is always impeccable and is absolutely perfect for the cut that has been applied. On the other hand, we have also seen the unfortunate salon client with such contrasting hair extensions that you almost feel bad just looking at it. Obviously, selecting the proper color for a hair weave is deceptively difficult to do. Depending on the client's goals, current hair color, and target hair cut, the right color or colors must be carefully chosen by your hair care professional- either an exact match, slightly darker, or slightly lighter depending on the desired effect. If the wrong color is chosen, the extensions will not look natural or lush, it will simply be obvious that the client has tried to augment their hair, and this is never a good look. An experienced hair care professional will know exactly what shades of which colors to choose as either highlights or lowlights to really emphasize a client's features as well as make their hair as multi-dimensional as possible. On the other hand, poor color selection can be an immediate and sure sign that a person has cut corners and either tried to choose their color themselves, or went to a bargain salon to attempt and save a few bucks. As a customer, be sure to select a stylist who has a proven record of excellent color selection, and has references from happy clients to prove it, so that you can ensure a natural looking, beautiful weave.

5) Straight or Curly? Your Stylist Should Know

Depending on your desired style and the current condition of your natural hair, your stylist should know whether a straight or curly weave will work best for you. Of course, there are many variations in texture and appearance when it comes to both people's naturally growing hair as well as hair extensions, so selecting just the right type of hair for you is not an easy task. That is just another reason why it is so crucial to find an experienced stylist with the right training and access to the highest quality hair for weaves. You should feel absolutely confident that he or she will choose a weave hairstyle of just the right consistency to flatter and augment your best features.

For example, if you have naturally straight hair and your hair care professional applies a curly weave, the contrast between your natural hair and your extensions will be very dramatic and unattractive when it starts growing out. By the same token, naturally curly hair with a stick straight weave applied will be extremely difficult to maintain in such a way that it is not obvious that hair augmentation has occurred. For best results the texture of the hair weave should closely match the natural texture of the customer's regular head of hair. Your stylist should be aware of facts like these and choose the texture and consistency of your weave to properly match and compliment your target look.

6) Fitting The Weave Hair Incorrectly

Applying a weave properly is no simple task. While it may appear fairly easy to the untrained eye, bad results are all too easy achieve and all too commonly seen. Another very costly mistake that a stylist can make is to fit the new hair incorrectly. Depending on the type of extensions and the texture and thickness of both the natural hair and the weave hairstyle, different application procedures will be required. Fewer tracks for thinner hair, more tracks for thicker hair, the direction and tightness of the tracks- all of these factors and more must be taken into consideration when weave hair applied. There are also certain areas of a person's hair that are more delicate and prone to breakage. A qualified stylist will know this and avoid applying extensions to those areas specifically, both for the health of the client's natural hair as well as for the appearance and longevity of the weave hairstyle.

Another way that a weave might be applied incorrectly is simple sloppiness. Inconsistency of application can make even the most expensive, highest quality weave hairstyle look misshapen and out of place. An inexperienced professional who fits the hair incorrectly will cost you, the client, both time and money. Time and money are wasted on the initial incorrect application, and then additional time and money must be spent to have the weave reapplied by a skilled stylist. Therefore, spending a little time in the beginning to choose a stylist who will consistently fit the hair correctly will save you both money and your precious time.

7) Not Using The Proper Hair Weave Products To Maintain The Weave

It is such a shame when someone spends the time and money to get their weave properly installed by an experienced stylist only to see them a few weeks later with hair that looks like it could use some serious attention. This is generally due to the use of incorrect or inappropriate weave care products on their completed head of hair. If you are going to invest in a proper weave, it only makes sense to use hair care products specifically formulated for hair extensions. These products will maintain the beauty and luster that you will have when your weave is first installed without ugly build-up or damage to the threads that keep the weave attached to the natural hair.

Most regular hair care products are not designed to maintain the integrity of hair extensions and thus will not give you nearly the good results that products specifically formulated for a weave will. In particular, a person with a weave hairstyle should be very careful to avoid any shine-increasing or oily products as they are quintessentially damaging to any sort of hair extensions. Your stylist should be able to recommend or even supply you with proper weave products once you have had your extensions installed. If they cannot, you should probably consider switching stylists.

8) Not Maintaining The Health Of Your Natural Hair

This happens all too often and is an absolute shame- people spend a lot of time, money, and energy maintaining the weave hairstyle and neglect to care for the real hair that grows on their scalp. Your natural hair is the foundation of any beautiful weave hairstyle, whether it involves a weave hairstyle or not. If you neglect your hair while wearing hair extensions, not only will your weave look less than stellar, but the damage done to your natural hair will make it difficult for any future styles to look healthy and beautiful. This can mean a lot of costly repairing treatments in your future, or worse, the need to completely cut off all your natural hair and start over. If, in the worst case, permanent damage has been done to your hair follicles, there is not much you will be able to do to revive it, which is truly the nightmare of any woman. In order to properly maintain the health of your natural hair, be sure to shampoo your hair with the weave installed about once or twice per week, depending on the climate conditions in your area as well as the behavior of the natural oil producing glands in your scalp. While washing your hair, be sure to tip your head back to allow the water to run down the hair shaft rather than forward toward your scalp. Do not agitate the tracks or roots of your hair where the weave is attached as this will only serve to loosen the bonds as well as potentially cause damage to your natural hair and roots. Aside from washing, your weave should be wrapped in a soft cloth every night before bed so that the individual strands do not become damaged or tangled while you are sleeping. A weave should also ideally be brushed three times a day using a soft, boar bristle brush to reduce tangling and increase shine.

9) Taking Out Your Weave Hairstyle Too Soon


Once you have a great weave installed and you know how to care for it with the right products, there is no need to remove it after only a couple of weeks. The expense and time that go into getting a good weave means that you will have at least 8-10 weeks before you need to have it renewed or replaced. In addition, the stress and pressure put on your natural hair by repeated removal and installation of hair extensions can cause increased breakage unnecessarily. If your stylist insists that you have them replaced more frequently than that, you might consider researching a new hair care professional, as they might just be trying to drum up more business so that they can make a little extra money. Choosing to have a high quality weave installed by an experienced professional combined with proper care of a quality weave should actually save you money in the long run, so do not waste your hard earned cash having beautiful extensions replaced after only a couple of weeks. Just take proper care of your natural hair and your weave, and frequent replacement will not be necessary.


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